At Global Physicals, we offer straightforward, affordable healthcare services with cash pay options that revolutionize access to quality care. Here’s why cash pay is a smart choice:

Transparent Pricing

No more confusing bills or hidden fees. Cash pay shows you the costs upfront, giving you control over your healthcare spending.

No Insurance Hassles

Forget the paperwork and red tape of insurance. Cash pay simplifies your experience, allowing you to focus more on your health.

Cost Savings

By avoiding insurance, we provide competitive rates directly to you, free from insurance markups.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Cash pay keeps your healthcare transactions private, without sharing details with insurance companies.

Access to Premium Services

Choose from services and treatments not always covered by insurance, tailoring your care to your preferences.

No Insurance, No Problem!

Reach out to us to learn more about our Global Concierge Plan, specifically designed for individuals without insurance or with high deductible health insurance plans.  Benefit from our flexible monthly payment options. Enjoy access to up to three medical visits per month at an affordable rate, surpassing the cost-effectiveness of conventional insurance plans.

Experience the convenience and value of cash pay at Global Physicals and take control of your healthcare journey. Your health and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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